Getting a better night’s sleep

Your six sleep issues sorted Your six sleep issues sorted


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Open Quote Think herbal: ‘insomnia is often associated with increased emotional arousal,’ says Medical Herbalist Lucy Stephens. ‘But Valeriana officinalis reduces cortical arousal (which increases your state of alertness) by acting on a chemical in the brain called GABA.’ Take this in tablet form (£15.99 for 200 capsules from or have a cup of passiflora tea. ‘Studies have shown that 2g of this herb before bedtime improves the quality of sleep’, says Lucy Stephens.

Focus on your stomach: ‘There’s a common overlap between gastrointestinal disorders – irritable bowel syndrome or acid reflux – and disrupted sleep,’ says Lucy Stephens. ‘Slippery elm bark is a prebiotic that helps to soothe the gastrointestinal tract’ (£7.65 for 100 capsules from Close Quote