Boost your libido with supplements

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Open Quote If the romance of valentine’s day can’t get you in the mood, could a supplement help? We look at some of the most popular libido boosters on the market.

Fembido: contains Irvingia, Cissus, Damiana. Expert’s verdict: Medical Herbalist Lucy Stephens ( says: ‘I’d say this one could be especially useful if your lack of libido is due to stress or anxiety.’

Femergy: a powerful combination of Peruvian Maca, Brazilian ginseng, gingko biloba, and cayenne. Expert’s verdict: ‘In theory this should work. The Maca will give a nutritional boost, while ginseng has increased female arousal in studies and gingko boosts circulation where you would need it – but the cayenne seems a bit of a red herring!’ says Lucy.

Vitano: A licensed herbal remedy containing Rhodioloa.
Expert’s verdict: This one will help as a general pick-me-up, which can help a flagging libido – and it’s been tested on athletes to improve stamina,’ says Lucy.

Sx for Him and Her: A supplement containing the natural amino acid L-arginine. Expert’s verdict: ‘Some studies have shown L-arginine to be helpful, others that it has no effect,’ says Lucy. ‘It’s more likely to be helpful alongside other herbs such as Damiana, gingko and ginseng – but it would be best to be treated by a nutritionist before making up your own dose’.

Horny Goat Weed:
Expert’s Verdict: ‘It’s a traditional aphrodisiac but any benefits would depend on the amount of active ingredient in the supplements,’ says Lucy. Close Quote