Trying reflexology for the first time

Kensington and Chelsea Review

Open Quote Estella Rue tried reflexology for the first time at the Reva Clinic in South Kensington.

This clinic is as low-key as they come. Nestled in the basement of a period building on Thurloe Street, and backing on to some beautiful and wild-looking gardens, it is an ideal place to sneak off to for a quick pick-me-up without your absence necessarily being noticed. Even though I was appalling late, I was instantly put at ease by the discreet and friendly manner of the staff.

My tardiness may or may not have been the cause of the fact that the reflexologist noticed that my adrenals were inflamed. Lucy Stephens is her name, and it is her upbeat and engaging personality that really made the trip worthwhile

With a first class degree in herbal medicine she was strikingly knowledgeable too, enlightening me on the benefits of what she calls a ‘paleo’ diet, based on the foodstuffs that our ancestors ate.

We had been discussing the difficulty of keeping up good dietary habits in the 21st century, and of course all of our daily habits feed into our sense of wellbeing.

The first half of the session took the form of an interview or consultation and I was encouraged to give honest details about my overall health.

As is often the case with alternative therapists, I found myself sharing more personal information than I would have with a GP. I have always been slightly phobic of mainstream clinical environments.

Lucy offers both reflexology and herbal remedies and tells me that many of her clients come to her with skin problems. 'There are a number of conditions that may respond better to a herbal approach than other medicine, ’ says Lucy. ‘And you have to remember that many familiar medicines originate from plants but plants are less likely to give side-effects’.

After receiving some valuable advice about how I might adjust my lifestyle to promote better digestive health in particular and on how to lower my stress levels, Lucy treated me to a half an hour’s reflexology session. My feet have always been particularly sensitive so it took a while for me to completely relax. Lucy applied pressure and where she found tension she was able to relate this to specific areas of my health. Sceptics among you might think that Lucy had gained all the knowledge she needed to do this from the consultation. However, that would be slightly missing the point. The body can only heal itself if it’s relaxed surely? When your muscles are tense and you’re stressed and run down, it’s not a basis for good health. And so I shut my eyes and let go. Close Quote