Give your hayfever the heave ho!

Treat your hay fever the natural way

Open Quote Invest in Aloe: ‘Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory effects. One of its constituents magnesium lactate, has been shown to block histamine and may stop itching,’ says Lucy Stephens of ‘Try aloe vera gel, which you take internally.’

Sip Nettle Tea: ‘Nettle extract has an anti-inflammatory effect and can be a great help with hayfever,’ says Lucy Stephens. ‘Buy a quality loose-leaf tea, such as Neal’s Yard Nettle Dried herb, £1.80 for 50g at’.

Use Herbs: ‘I love the herb eyebright for allergies,’ says Lucy Stephens. ‘Buy it as a tincture, which is effective against inflamed mucous membranes. Many over-the-counter eye drops also contain eyebright, to help with that itchy eye feeling. ‘The plant ephedra is brilliant for relieving congestion. It should only be obtained from medical herbalists, who can take a full medical history and ensure you get the correct safe dose.’ To find a medical herbalist visit the website of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, Open Quote