Miracle slimming products. Do any work?

Pamper you mum on Mother's Day with a herbal

Open Quote Gymnema sylvestre for sugar cravings – ‘This herb is recommended for diabetics who need to control their blood sugar levels’ explains Medical Herbalist Lucy Stephens of www.revaclinic.com. ‘It blocks your taste receptors for sugar so you lose your sweet tooth.’ Try Pukka Gymnema Plus, £14.95 for 90 capsules, from health-food stores.

Green tea for a faster metabolism – ‘Green tea contains catechins, which work best when combined with caffeine to speed up your metabolism. To get the best benefits, drink powdered green tea, so you consume the whole leaf instead of just throwing it away and drinking the tea,’ says Lucy. Try Japanese Matcha £24.60 for 30g (plus £2 P&P), from hrhiggins.co.uk

Jerusalem artichoke, for weight and bloating caused by sluggish digestion – ‘This is a traditional liver tonic that can increase the bile flow needed for healthy digestion,’ says Lucy. ‘You can use this to stop yourself feeling really uncomfortable when you’ve eaten rich foods, or if your digestive system needs a kick, plus other symptoms of poor digestion such as constipation and poor fat digestion. It can also help with flatulence.’ Try A. Vogel Helix slim, £9.15 for 50ml from health food stores and www.avogel.co.uk

Amino acids for tummy fat caused by stress – ‘stress hormones such as cortisol cause fat to pile on to our bellies,’ says Lucy. ‘The right balance of amino acids (from a diet rich in protein) can help to regulate these hormones, meaning weight is less inclined to pile on.’

Beta glucans for weight gain linked to stress, inflammation and sluggish digestion – ‘Beta glucans can modulate the immune system, so they may work on the immune system in the gut and that could help with abdominal weight loss,’ says Lucy.

A healthier way – Speak to a qualified medical herbalist or GP before you take any herbal aids and remember: slimming pills aren’t wonder drugs – they probably won’t work if you are still eating lots of sugary, processed foods. In fact, changing your diet might have the desired effect without them.
- cut out sugar and processed foods
- include lots of varied veg and get your carbs from root vegetables such as squash, sweet potatoes or carrots.
- Eat good-quality proteins such as grass-fed meat, oily fish and eggs. Open Quote