What is DNA analysis?

Recent scientific advances in DNA analysis mean it is possible to identify small variants in our genetic makeup that make us more susceptible to certain health outcomes. Knowing your genetic profile empowers you to make good nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices that are individual to you and your health. No more following the latest fad diet or exercise programme – you’ll know exactly what does and doesn’t work for your body and most importantly, why that is! [READ MORE]

And don’t worry - you’ll only be shown the gene variants where there is clear scientific evidence for a nutritional, exercise, supplemental or lifestyle intervention to compensate. [CLOSE]

What do the DNA analysis profiles show and which test is for me?

DNA Health

DNA Health is important for anyone wanting an overall picture of their genetic variation in order to optimize energy, wellbeing and health. With this knowledge you can make better lifestyle and diet choices and use nutrition, supplements, and exercise to create an individual health programme. [READ MORE]

It analyses 26 gene variations involved in 7 key body processes:

  • - Cholesterol breakdown and fat handling.
  • - Methylation and detoxification capacity
  • - Risk of oxidative stress and need for antioxidants to compensate
  • - Inflammation (a marker for all chronic disease)
  • - Insulin and blood sugar regulation
  • - Bone health


DNA Diet

DNA Diet is important for you if you struggle with excess body weight, if you’re unsure why you can’t change your body shape regardless of how little or how seemingly well you eat, or if you’re unsure what are the best food groups for you. DNA Diet analyses 13 gene variations showing: [READ MORE]

  • - How well you absorb and breakdown fat
  • - How you handle carbohydrates and sugar
  • - Your appetite regulation
  • - How well your body responds to exercise and moderates your weight
  • - Your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) and how this affects your hunger and satiety regulation
  • - Information about your potential for chronic inflammation, which is the foundation underlying the major chronic diseases, from heart disease and cancer, to type 2 diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease


DNA Sport

DNA Sport is vital for anyone who is not getting the results they want with their training, for people who are unsure what exercise programme they should be doing, or for people prone to injury or poor recovery from training. [READ MORE]

It is also useful just for interest to make sure your nutrition, training and supplement programme is best suited to your genetic makeup and so ultimately your overall health. DNA Sport analyses 13 gene variations showing:

  • - Your suitability for power or endurance exercise
  • - The types of exercise that best suit your genetic makeup
  • - How well you recover from training
  • - Your susceptibility to tendon and other soft tissue injuries


DNA Oestrogen

DNA Oestrogen is important for women with hormonal conditions such as endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, fibroids, uterine or breast cancers. Lifetime exposure to environmental toxins and poor hormone elimination can predispose women to hormonal diseases. Understanding where diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact is incredibly useful. [READ MORE]

DNA oestrogen analyses 10 gene variations showing:

  • - Your ability to use, breakdown, and then eliminate hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone
  • - Your detoxification capacity


How does DNA analysis work?

During the initial consultation we will discuss whether the DNA analysis programme would be beneficial for you. If you are happy to go ahead with one or all of the tests, you will be sent a cheek swab test kit direct from Nordic laboratories. Your swab needs to be taken in the morning before you have eaten or drunk anything. You then post this back to the laboratory and the results are sent directly to me. [READ MORE]

You will get a written report explaining what any genetic changes mean for you, and what nutrition, supplement, exercise and training programmes, or lifestyle advice would be beneficial. At your next consultation we will work through your report so that you have a clear understanding of how you can work with your genetic makeup to support optimal health.

Prices include the test kit, laboratory analysis, a written report and an hour consultation to discuss your results and create an individualized programme for you.

Please note: Two tests needs 1.5hr consultation, three or four tests needs a 2 hour consultation.

DNA Health (26 genes) £350
DNA Diet (13 genes) £250
DNA Sport (13 genes) £250
DNA Oestrogen (10 genes) – *women only £250

Please note: Saving on two tests (£35), three tests (£70), four tests (£105).