Child Nutrition

Nutrition is such a vital part of healthy child development but there is so much conflicting information out there it can feel a bit like a minefield. Maybe you feel confident in creating balanced meals but your child seems to avoid eating it. [READ MORE]

Or perhaps you want to check you’re really hitting all the key nutrients your child needs for healthy growth and development. Some patients find that just being able to talk through how your family eats and your thought process can help to take you out of a rut where you feel you’re eating the same old meals. [CLOSE]

Does this sound like you?

Are you just starting to think about weaning your baby on to solid food and finding you don’t quite know where to start? [READ MORE]

Have you been creating meals for your children for a while but feel a bit stuck in a rut, or you’re not quite sure if you’re hitting all the right food groups to meet their nutritional needs?

Do you find meal-times a battle? Or find that you have a picky eater that will only eat a limited number of foods? [CLOSE]

What we’ll cover during a consultation:

During a consultation you’ll learn:
- The key foods that are vital for your child’s health.
- You’ll be given tips on how to add these into your child’s diet quickly and simply.
- We’ll talk about how we offer food and we’ll look at why this is as important as what foods we offer.
- And we’ll look at how we can increase your child’s variety of food choices, support them in listening to their body cues, and develop a healthy relationship with food - including treats.

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Or simply call the clinic line to book an appointment now 020 7407 9910. [CLOSE]