Child Health

Lucy has a special interest in baby and child health. As a mother I know how frustrating it can be when our children seem to have a permanent cold, or appear to pick up every illness going.

Perhaps they have skin conditions like eczema, or alopecia. Maybe you think they react to certain foods, or that they never seem to want to eat the ‘yummy’ food you’ve cooked! Or possibly you’ve found their behaviour seems particularly volatile, or you’re noticing instances of anxiety or low mood.

Have a look at our sister site for more information on Lucy’s approach to child development and health.

What happens during a consultation?

At the first consultation (1hr) Lucy will spend time taking a full history of your child’s health. She will discuss where interventions such as tweaking your child’s diet, the use of gentle herbal medicines, or finding different ways to relate to your children to address behaviour could be effective treatments for your child’s symptoms. [READ MORE]

Usually you’ll have at least one follow-up appointment (1/2hr) to monitor your child’s progress and make any changes to the treatment plan.

For specific questions about the consultation or to see if your child’s symptoms are something that could be addressed please feel free to EMAIL ME NOW.

Or simply call the clinic line now to book an appointment 020 7407 9910. [CLOSE]