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08 Aug 2013 Date Holder

The Breakfast of Champions...

Pouring Juice
What you choose to eat for your first meal of the day, could be the most important decision you make all day.  Bit dramatic?  Maybe!  But here’s a quiz for you:

What does eating sugar at your first meal do for you?

a) Gives you poor concentration and makes you feel tired

b) Makes you hungrier for the rest of the day

c) Makes you crave carbohydrates and eat them in greater quantities at lunch

d) Makes you put on weight over time

Answer?  All of the above!

A study (reference below) gave a group of women a breakfast containing the following:

-          Fruit juice (200ml)

-          Coffee (60ml)

-          French bread (50g)

-          Bowl of sugar for the women to add additional sweetener as they chose

The women had to eat the whole thing and the amount of sugar added was calculated.  Don’t forget that fruit juice is sugar and bread breaks down to sugar during digestion. 

At lunch-time the group were offered pasta with tomato sauce (pasta because it is a carbohydrate also breaks down to sugar in the body), and the amount they ate was measured.

And the results?  Yep you probably guessed it, answers a-d above!

So the moral of the story…be careful what you eat for breakfast!  Protein is always a better choice to keep you full for longer, to maintain concentration levels, to stop you feeling tired after eating and to help to regulate weight. 

Good quality protein sources such as eggs, lean meat, fish, and nuts, are all good breakfast options.

Penaforte FRO, Japur CC, Pigatto LP, et al., (2013).  Short-term impact of sugar consumption on hunger and ad libitum food intake in young women.  Nutr Res Pract.  7(20):77-81.