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15 Aug 2013 Date Holder

Go Green

This post was inspired by my view yesterday – Le Lac de Guery, in Le Massif Central.  A beautiful place and hardly anyone here in the middle of August.  I highly recommend it.  I’ve taken a slightly cloudy photo for you, it’s actually quite sunny but clearly I’m not that good at taking pictures!

Go Green

Go Green

Or blue.  Or yellow actually.  Basically any colour that is associated with the natural world is what we’re after.  It’s easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of our lives, that as humans we actually evolved on the savannah.  Looking at landscapes, living on the earth, eating from our environment, sleeping under the sun.  All of our body systems were designed with this environment in mind.  

The more we move away from nature, the more problems our body has keeping us in balance…sleep issues, anxiety, stress, chronic disease…we probably all know the score.

Lots of research shows the benefits of ‘forest bathing’ for lowering blood pressure, boosting your resistance to infections, and lowering stress.  In fact, one study even showed that looking at a painting of a landscape was better than looking at buildings for lowering stress levels.  Some of these changes are not even conscious – they use brain imaging to show relaxation happening, even if people verbally say they don’t feel any different.  Our bodies respond to the natural environment without us even knowing.  I love that idea!

So next time you’re bored on a Saturday, why not get outside?  A nap in the park, a wander down a river, strawberry picking at the local farm, camping, just being in your garden, or even try sleeping under the stars.  See how you feel.  

Basically, nature = a very cheap medicine.  Who’s in?