Could a simple swab test help you choose between a high-fat diet like the Atkins, or the 5:2 diet?

Transition fat to thin Lucy Stephens
17 November, 2014 by Lucy Stephens

Recent research published in Cell Metabolism journal, shows that our bodies adapt to different diets through a range of different mechanisms1.  Fabulous!  So we can eat what we want and our body adapts… Hmm.  Unfortunately not (you knew that bit was coming didn’t you?!).  When we look at how the body adapts ...

Detoxification Continued: The Power of the Methylation Cycle

Detoxification Lucy Stephens
29 January, 2014 by Lucy Stephens

Which side of the face are you?! I’m back!  And I’m back to detoxification again.  As promised this week I’m going to focus on the role of the methylation cycle. So what is methylation and what does it actually do? It’s basically the key way that we remove toxins from the body.  Do ...

Detoxification and CYP450 – At The Heart of Health

Green Smoothie Lucy Stephens
22 January, 2014 by Lucy Stephens

I’m sure many of you have thought of detoxing this January – maybe you’ve tried juicing, fasting or even colonic irrigation in a bid to feel healthy again after the Christmas excess.  But do you know what you’re doing with these detox solutions and why you’re doing it?  This is ...

6-meals-a-day…is it a good idea?

6 small meals? Lucy Stephens
13 January, 2014 by Lucy Stephens

6-meal-a-day diet ‘experts’ suggest that eating small frequent meals throughout the day boosts your metabolism, regulates blood sugar, and helps to keep cravings at bay.  It’s an interesting one that has only been really touted over the last couple of decades, so let’s look at this in a bit more ...

Let's Get Moving...!

Push-ups Lucy Stephens
19 December, 2013 by Lucy Stephens’s the season to get moving! With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, let’s face it, we know we are going to be indulging a little too much.  Whilst it’s always better to steer clear of these processed, sugar-laden ‘foods’ as much as possible, a sure fire way ...

Ditch The Wheat!

Wheat Belly Lucy Stephens
12 December, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

Want to shift those extra pounds pre-Christmas?  Maybe it’s time to ditch the wheat! I’m sure you have all heard of people talking about being ‘wheat-free’ or ‘gluten-free’ – it’s pretty hard to get away from as more and more research is being published.  And you might have read about ...

Whiteboard Wednesday - Why low calorie or sugar-free drinks can make you fat

Why low-calorie or sugar-free drinks can make you fat Lucy Stephens
16 October, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

Hello!Have you ever wondered what a 'sweetener' actually is?  Probably not, other than it just makes things taste sweeter and it's better than eating sugar right?!  But what if these sweeteners are not as innocent as we think?  What if these sweeteners are actually contributing to our tummy fat?  What ...

Whiteboard Wednesday - Why Do I Have Weak Nails?

Why are my nails weak? Lucy Stephens
2 October, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

Hello Reva Clinic-ers!I've got another Whiteboard Wednesday for you today.  This was another question from our Facebook group - a lady worried about her finger-nails, and wondering why they were so weak and brittle.  Have a look at the video here and I'll explain to you what we need to ...

Whiteboard Wednesday - Can I over-snack on nuts?

Can I oversnack on nuts? Lucy Stephens
18 September, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

Hello hello!We've got the perfect 5 minute coffee-break for you today - have a little watch of our second Whiteboard Wednesday...'Can I Over-Snack On Nuts?''s another great question from our facebook friends, so enjoy.  If you've got a question you'd like answered, a comment on the video or just ...

Whiteboard Wednesday - Does Our Blood Type Really Affect What Food We Eat?

Does our blood group affect what food we eat? Lucy Stephens
11 September, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

Howdy Reva Clinic-ers. It's Whiteboard Wednesday! I can sense your excitement, so head on over to Youtube to have a watch of our first WW post. The question is: Does our blood type really affect what food we eat? As you can tell - it's my first attempt at ...

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) - The Key Factor...

PCOS, Reva Clinic, Metabolic Balance Lucy Stephens
6 September, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

Firstly, I just want to get my use of the acronym PCOS out of the way.  You may know I’m not a fan of acronyms, partly because I can never remember what they stand for.  If you’re like me, you sit in a meeting, the person who’s talking drops a ...

Go Green

Go Green Lucy Stephens
15 August, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

This post was inspired by my view yesterday – Le Lac de Guery, in Le Massif Central.  A beautiful place and hardly anyone here in the middle of August.  I highly recommend it.  I’ve taken a slightly cloudy photo for you, it’s actually quite sunny but clearly I’m not that ...

The Breakfast of Champions...

Pouring Juice Lucy Stephens
8 August, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

What you choose to eat for your first meal of the day, could be the most important decision you make all day.  Bit dramatic?  Maybe!  But here’s a quiz for you:What does eating sugar at your first meal do for you? a) Gives you poor concentration and makes you feel tired b) ...

The Benefits of Bone Broth

Bones for broth Lucy Stephens
1 August, 2013 by Lucy Stephens

Sometimes you read something and you think – I couldn’t write that any better.  Here is one of those posts!  This article is a lovely review of why I love bone broth and why I often recommend it in clinic.  It can really help people with digestive issues (amongst other ...